Local ALP condemns NSW ALP decision to not run a candidate in 2012 Sydney by-election

October 13, 2012

This was the media release from the local Labor party condemning the fact that the NSW ALP decided not to run a candidate in the 2012 Sydney by-election.

Media release — ALP Sydney State Electoral Council — 21 September 2012

Outrage over ALP Sydney election no-show

Inner-Sydney ALP members are outraged by yesterday’s decision by the NSW ALP to not contest the upcoming Sydney by-election.

The ALP Sydney State Electorate Council met last night and unanimously condemned the NSW ALP decision.

“Not running is a gutless no-show by John Robertson and Sussex St,” said Sacha Blumen, President of the Sydney SEC.

Dr Blumen said the decision marked contempt for ALP members and supporters, and may have implications for the 2013 federal election and future state and local elections.

“Not running vacates the field to Labor’s electoral opponents in inner Sydney. Local ALP branches called for a preselection months ago. Three talented members were willing to stand for preselection. This is the shameful victory of empty Sussex St tactics over substance.

The Sydney SEC also called on the NSW ALP to act immediately on holding a preselection for the state seat of Sydney for the 2015 state election shortly after the by-election.



2012 Sydney by-election – first thoughts

October 12, 2012

It’s been six months since my last post. Amazing this blog has lasted as long as it has.

The Sydney by-election is upon is, and the question is whom to vote for.

The candidates are, in no particular order:
Shayne Mallard – Liberal Party
Alex Greenwich – Clover Moore endorsed Independent
Chris Harris – Greens
Robyn Peebles – Christian Democrats
Glenn Wall – Independent

No idea who Glenn Wall is, although a search indicates he lives near Mudgee and someone with his name has been elected to Dungog Council.

So – who to vote for? It’s a very unsatisfactory choice, with the decision by the NSW ALP to not run a candidate. See also here. Three local ALP members had indicated that they were willing to run in the by-election.

I’ll write more about this soon.

NB: I’m President of the ALP Sydney State Electoral Council, and was the ALP candidate for the state seat of the Sydney in the 2011 state election.

Lord Mayoral candidate preselection leaflet

May 11, 2012

I’m going to publish all leaflets I receive during the 2012 City of Sydney Lord Mayoral preselection.

I have so far received one leaflet – from Linda Scott – it is and here in pdf.

Leaflet text:

Linda Scott
Our Strong Community Voice

Help select your local Labor Councillor in this September’s Local Government elections.

3 good reasons to support Linda
– As a former Chair of the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, Linda is an experienced community advocate who can achieve results
– Living in Erskineville with her husband and two young children, Linda understands local concerns
– As Convenor of Labor for Refugees, Linda is driven by a commitment to equality and justice

web: http://www.linda4lordmayor.com
email: linda4lordmayor@gmail.com
twitter: linda4lordmayor

Telemarketing from the old University

May 2, 2012

I arrived home tonight to find a letter from my old University saying that one of their students is going to call me over the next few weeks to ‘learn more about your engagement with the University and update you on recent achievements, future plans and ways you can be involved’. They’re asking for contributions to their bursary fund to help students in financial hardship. I can however, opt out from receiving the phone call.

This is bold telemarketing for the University – the first time they’ve been so forward. I wonder if they’ll use marketing students?

I don’t like the presumption that I should have to do something to not receive a telemarketing call. While I like the idea of supporting the bursary fund, that might be for the future.

The new City of Sydney centrally planned street food

April 28, 2012

The City of Sydney has just embarked in a mini-experiment in centrally planned street food. It is allowing ‘food trucks’ to start operating in particular locations at particular times in the CBD. Food trucks seem to be fashionable versions of street hawkers – I understand the trucks are in New York (to me food trucks look like something from a film set).

One of the great things about street hawkers is that they can provide inexpensive food at all times and in all sorts of locations. In Sydney though, the Council has decided it needs to prevent the food trucks competing with existing cafes by regulating where and when they can be open. In effect Council is just allowing new regulated shops to open next to the kerb – and in a way that doesn’t compete with other outlets.

This would be unlikely to be in consumers’ interests. Council should just let hawkers sell food wherever and whenever they wish in the CBD (subject to health/rubbish concerns) – the small scale of most operations would likely result in minimal amenity impacts. Hawkers would gravitate to where people want to buy food rather than where Council thinks they will – hawkers would be much more able to respond to consumer demands than a Council regulating times and locations of operation.

This to me looks like an overengineered regulatory esponse to a desire for street food.

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Adam Creighton in Charter magazine – ‘The democracy deficit’

April 25, 2012

Adam Creighton (@Adam_Creighton Economics correspondent for the Australian) wrote an article The Democracy Deficit published in Charter magazine, which has subsequently been shortened and republished in the Australian last Friday. While I agree with his general theme about the incentives in democracies being for governments to respond to voters’ demands and spend more over time – free money, after all, is attractive – his medicine is off mark.

There is no inexorable decline for democracies to financial ruin. They can be self-correcting if governments overspend – as shown with the 1992 election of the Kennett government in Victoria (I understand that the Victorian Government was in a much worse financial state than is generally believed) provided the political system allows change to be implemented. It could be argued that the US Federal political system does not allow reforms to be implemented effectively or efficiently.

While some European governments appear to be in financial trouble, the Australian government – one of the longest-existing democracies – is easily able to sell its bonds at low prices. Good financial management of a government is probably more connected to political culture, effective financial controls, transparency of economic and financial data, and clear lines of accountability.

In addition, the idea that there should be a constitutional limit of spending – as suggested by Creighton – is ill thought out.

  1. it does nothing to prevent unsustainable budget deficits unless there are similar provisions for revenue raising;
  2. determining Creighton’s proposed maximum level of government expenditure would not a technical process;
  3. like all such constitutional provisions, it would entrench a policy view that existed at one point in time;
  4. it would reduce the flexibility for governments to respond to societal needs; and
  5. it would create incentives for governments to disguise expenditure and redefine economic activity.

While the article has shortcomings, it is interesting and worth a read. Of course democracy should be retained. People must be able to throw a government – and its economic policy – out. And the franchise must be as wide as possible among competent people (i.e. adults and potentially 16/17 yr old citizens / residents) to ensure that political parties seek to consider the interests of the entire population in designing policy.

A question to ponder is – if democracy has the deficits claimed by Creighton, but should be retained as the least worst system, what remedies are there? Possibly the most practical remedy would be to raise the general level of political and economic knowledge through the mass media – something which kind-of occurred in the ’80s and ’90s but which appears to be declined since.

Introducing a constitutional or statutory maximum level of government expenditure is a short-term fix that may not be a solution at all.


April 25, 2012

I just had to save the #HemingwayJokes on Twitter. pdf file here: TwitterHemingwayJokes

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“I said ‘it’,” said the man from Nantucket. “Not ‘you.'” She cried herself to sleep. #HemingwayJokes

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He could hear the armless, legless man thrashing about in the pile of dry leaves. He called out: “Russell, is that you?” #HemingwayJokes

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@SteveHuff He said, your mother hangs a Pork Chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her. Oh wait…not Hemingway #HemingwayJokes

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No matter how much she drank, she couldn’t block it. His song. The jukebox stuck on replay. Truly, the song that never ends. #HemingwayJokes

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An Irishman, a Frenchman, and a German walked into a bar. They thought the Great War was over. They were wrong. #HemingwayJokes

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19h joshua; Theater @IamRAVENCLAW

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19h Mutton of the Sea@muttonofthesea

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19h The 100 Bus@The100Bus

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@The100Bus Why did the chicken cross the road? To die. In the rain. #HemingwayJokes

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He asked her, “Does your mother braid her mustache?” She put her hand over her mouth. She turned away. #HemingwayJokes

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RT @ltaylor100: @InfiniteChicken Knock-knock. The sound, insistent. Answering, he expected little. “Banana,” the response. #HemingwayJokes

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@InfiniteChicken Knock-knock. The sound, insistent. Answering, he expected little. “Banana,” the response. #HemingwayJokes

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Ask not for whom the knock knocks. #HemingwayJokes

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Two peanuts entered a bar. One fought. The other did not. They stumbled home before dawn, the beaten one murmuring ‘Mama.’ #HemingwayJokes

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@SteveHuff There was a lady, with a man. She never took off her hat. He ate the complimentary peanuts. #HemingwayJokes

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@InfiniteChicken The chicken paused. The road beckoned, called. Once crossed, no longer unknown. #HemingwayJokes @SteveHuff

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“Jesus walked into a bar. He ordered a glass of water. He could hear the crowd in the distant bullfighting ring. He drank.” #Hemingwayjokes

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An old man walked into the sea… #HemingwayJokes

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@SteveHuff A rabbi and a priest. They fought together, once. The bar held their secrets, their pasts. #HemingwayJokes