“Councils must not bear costs of housing affordability: LGA”

July 31, 2007

I heard the following story on the ABC this morning:

Councils must not bear costs of housing affordability: LGA

Posted Tue Jul 31, 2007 9:41am AEST

The New South Wales Local Government Association (LGA) says the Federal Opposition’s $500 million housing affordability fund is well targeted, but it should be ensured that councils do not have to bear any additional costs.

Labor says it would use the fund to help local councils pay for infrastructure like water, sewerage and transport.

The LGA President, Genia McCaffrey says councils should not be left out-of-pocket by the plan to reduce housing costs.

“Just like developers, if councils get additional costs then we have to pass that on to our communities in either reduced services or additional rates,” she said.

“What we want out of this plan is more affordable housing, and more affordable living for our communities.”

Genia – so there is no way councils could operate more efficiently?

Saving 10c by buying supermarket-branded chips

July 31, 2007

Tonight, I participated in one small commercial experiment in amongst the multitudes of commercial experiments being conducted the world over. In the chip aisle of a major supermarket (I love chilli chips) I saw, prominently displayed, two competing brands of deep-fried chips (yum). Read the rest of this entry »