Web-based floating desktops

April 22, 2007

Web-based e-mail is very familiar to many computer users, and I’ve read that web-based applications are gaining in popularity. I wonder if many people have looked at creating web-based desktops? By a web-based desktop I mean a (password-protected) desktop that’s accessible from any computer connected to the internet. The desktop would “float” on the net rather than being located on one particular computer/network. With floating desktops, a stolen laptop needn’t mean that one’s information and work disappears. To alleviate the problems of material disappearing when computers are stolen, maybe one could have an (unhackable!) private website to which one uploads relevant materials at the end of each day.

Of course, there may be security issues with floating desktops as there are with all web-based e-mail programs. Read the rest of this entry »