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I’m a 38 year old guy living in Sydney with my partner. We had a cat (she’s modelling on the blog’s banner) until April/May 2011.

I am currently a senior consultant with the Allen Consulting Group in Sydney. This blog, which I update irregularly, reflects my thoughts only etc.

I’ve previously worked as a policy advisor in national energy policy (for nearly 4 years) and educational assessment (nearly 3 years). I’ve also run in the 2011 NSW state election and 2008 City of Sydney local Council election as an ALP candidate.

Buy my PhD thesis in pure mathematics (University of Sydney, 2006) from Amazon now! It was published by VDM Verlag. I also have a Bachelor of Arts with first class honours in applied mathematics from the University of Queensland.

This blog records some of my thoughts since 2005. Politically I’d (broadly) be considered socially liberal and economically centrist.

(Last edited Sunday 15 October 2012.)

6 Responses to About me

  1. Hello,

    I came to your website while search for some of the paper written my instuctor Dr. Nathan Geer here at Georgia Tech. I am a beginning student in Math and Engineering and took Dr. Geer’s introductory Calculus Class in the Spring.

    He is an enthusiastic and deeply committed classroom teacher. My mathematical maturity is not developed to the point of understanding his work, but I am excited that you find his papers worthwhile and interesting. It is great that you got to meet him at your conference, you probably share my feeling that he is a very personable and approachable guy. My hope is that he will remain here at Tech, but I suspect that many Schools will be interested in him when he completes grant work here.

    Your site is great, I have it bookmarked and visit often. We share many similar interests in the areas of Economics and Politics (my bias is Libertarian). Maybe when I complete a few more courses I can weigh in on some of the Math topics.

    Keep Blogging, I enjoy the insites.


    P.S. Terrance Tao at UCLA is a rock star. Australia should be very proud of him.

  2. Sam Clifford says:

    Sachi, didn’t realise you were a Brisbane mathematician! Just added you to my new group blog’s blogroll.

  3. Anne Sikimeti Latu says:

    Hi! Sacha Your site is not only interesting but it is also a huge learning for me. I visited it often. I share with you similar interest in Politics but my sister who is finishing her PHD in Maths shares with you in mathematics. Keep up your good work, I am sure a lot of people visit your site.

  4. Sacha says:

    Thank you for your kind words Anne. All the best for your sister – I and many others empathise with her!

  5. Anne Sikimeti Latu says:

    Hallo Sacha, it is me Anne Sikimeti, Just to let you know that my niece Ma’u Sikimeti received her PhD. in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 2008, now she is doing her Post/Doctorate in maths under the supervision of Chris Woodward. Her dissertation was titled “The Multiplihedra in Lagrangian Floer Theory.” Sikimeti’s research interests include symplectic geometry and topology and algebraic structures that can be built with tools from symplectic topology. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology she is working on Lagrangian Floer theory, quilted Floer theory, and functors for Lagrangian correspondences. She will be a Post-doc fellow at MSRI for the Symplectic and Contact Geometry and Topology year long program in 2009-10. After this she will be going to Barnard College to work with Dusa McDuff. My sister has not finish hers yet. It is so funny I do not understand the Mathematics languages when we communicated and I am totally lost in the dark. So Sacha you people must be special to know these words for I am lost.

    Keep up the good work! You are doing a good job.

  6. Fraser Kendall says:

    Big word up to you home boy!
    Somehow or other on one of my frequent pointless googling for the sake of googling sessions I came across you.

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