Local ALP condemns NSW ALP decision to not run a candidate in 2012 Sydney by-election

This was the media release from the local Labor party condemning the fact that the NSW ALP decided not to run a candidate in the 2012 Sydney by-election.

Media release — ALP Sydney State Electoral Council — 21 September 2012

Outrage over ALP Sydney election no-show

Inner-Sydney ALP members are outraged by yesterday’s decision by the NSW ALP to not contest the upcoming Sydney by-election.

The ALP Sydney State Electorate Council met last night and unanimously condemned the NSW ALP decision.

“Not running is a gutless no-show by John Robertson and Sussex St,” said Sacha Blumen, President of the Sydney SEC.

Dr Blumen said the decision marked contempt for ALP members and supporters, and may have implications for the 2013 federal election and future state and local elections.

“Not running vacates the field to Labor’s electoral opponents in inner Sydney. Local ALP branches called for a preselection months ago. Three talented members were willing to stand for preselection. This is the shameful victory of empty Sussex St tactics over substance.

The Sydney SEC also called on the NSW ALP to act immediately on holding a preselection for the state seat of Sydney for the 2015 state election shortly after the by-election.


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