Protesters block demolition of Rushcutters Bay Caretaker’s Cottage

November 19, 2010

Kings Cross locals are picketing the demolition of the Rushcutters Bay Park Caretaker’s Cottage – near the tennis courts – by the City of Sydney. The Wentworth Courier reports:

ABOUT 10 protesters have settled in to the caretaker’s cottage at the Rushcutters Bay Tennis Centre this afternoon, Thursday November 18.

They were facing off against workmen contracted by Sydney City Council to demolish the building.

The kiosk at the tennis centre is also slated for demolition.

A Sydney City Council spokesperson said last week the cottage needed to be demolished to make way for an extra tennis court and the kiosk was to be demolished because a new one has already been built nearby.

“At the moment we are very angry,’’ said former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney Dixie Coulton, one of the protesters.

“We spoke to Cr Meredith Burgmann this morning who said she would speak with the Lord Mayor.

“We were under the impression the building was not going to be demolished until next week but now we find, rather than having the opportunity to discuss this with the Council, they want to demolish the building straight away,’’ Ms Coulton said.

“The Lord Mayor Clover Moore and the CEO Monica Barone could stop this immediately,’’ she said.