Council to vote on complete reconstruction of Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Cross

The City of Sydney Council is to vote Mon 18 Oct on a complete redesign and reconstruction of Fitzroy Gardens in Kings Cross (see a previous post). This would entail a long-term construction project in the middle of Kings Cross.

The local community said in 2007 that Fitzroy Gardens should be “refreshed”. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be reconstructed. While Council has created some excellent new parks (Paddington Reservoir and the old Water Police site), Fitzoy Gardens doesn’t need a complete $10m redesign as it is currently successful. It just needs to be well-maintained and spruced up.

Local residents and business owners had a stall with a petition at the Gardens this weekend. Councillor e-mail addresses are below – let them know what you think of the proposal.

Phillip Black:
Meredith Burgmann:
Irene Doutney:
Chris Harris:
Marcelle Hoff:
Robert Kok:
Shayne Mallard:
John McInerney:
Clover Moore:
Di Tornai:

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