Grattan – My School criticism fails test

Michelle Grattan writes an interesting article in today’s Fairfax press about the argument over the My School website (My School criticism fails test):

The battle over the My School website launched yesterday is, among everything else, a struggle between the Government and what has been a core Labor constituency: teachers. No doubt aware of the irony, Julia Gillard, formerly a union lawyer, is spearheading the drive to break what has been the influence of the Australian Education Union on Labor orthodoxy in education. Kevin Rudd would have no empathy with the angry union. In its modest way, My School fits Rudd’s productivity agenda, the theme of his week of Australia Day speeches. A more productive nation must be a better educated one.

If the education revolution is to mean anything, it must be not just about all those buildings that have come with the stimulus package, or even the election promise of new computers, but the quality of learning.

And quality is usually improved by transparency, accountability and competition. Just as competition and maximum availability of information enable consumers to make better choices about products, so it should be in education.

I’m interested in this as I contributed to writing numeracy questions for the first NAPLAN when working at ACER.

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