Fewer councils in Sydney? Report by the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia

A few days ago I blogged on the idea that less-than-optimal planning in Sydney may have resulted from multiple (as opposed to a single) councils covering Sydney.

There was a related story in the SMH today (Abolish councils, make drivers pay), on a report Sydney Towards Tomorrow by the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia, which amongst other things advocated merging Sydney’s 42 local councils into 11, to reduce administrative costs in the light of the Sydney population growing towards 10 million.

Here is the link to the Sydney Towards Tomorrow, which can also be downloaded from the Association’s webpage.

One issue that should be remembered is that, if there were very large councils covering large parts of Sydney, or even a single council covering all of Sydney, it would still be possible for people in local areas to have coverage of particular policy areas. Locals could still have a say on local issues rather than everything being decided through large central councils.

2 Responses to Fewer councils in Sydney? Report by the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia

  1. Michael says:

    Having fought amalgamation of South Sydney and City Councils, I have not since been impressed with the result.The bigger the administration, the more corporate, the less connected with street-level reality.

    Here’s a question: If bigger administrations are better, how do you explain the NSW Government’s record on planning?

    Having any administrations obviously has a downside but if one big admin goes bad, at least the diversity of smaller councils mitigates the damage.

    For example, CoS for all its faults has a far better environmental approach than any state or federal government, and I say thank dog for that!

  2. Sacha says:

    This is a good point – having many planning organisations allows for diversity and even experimentation.

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