Very poor Australia Post redirection service

October 29, 2008

I wouldn’t usually write a complaining post – but I’m going to about an ongoing experience with Australia Post’s redirection service – I wonder how many other people have had very bad experiences with it?

The short story is that after organising a redirection, I have received one redirected piece of mail in the last few weeks. I usually received 1-2 pieces of mail a day on average. A great deal of mail hasn’t been redirected and Australia Post has failed to fix this up despite repeated requests. I have no confidence that they will actually redirect the mail.

The longer story is this. I moved about three weeks ago to a new residence close by to my old place and we paid the ~$13 to have Australia Post redirect our mail for a month.

It would have been nice if it worked. The first indication that it wasn’t working was that my old letterbox (which I couldn’t necessarily access) was full of mail on a Tuesday – and new people hadn’t moved in. This was despite the redirection supposedly coming into effect the previous Friday (and had been organised some time beforehand). Read the rest of this entry »