Some more ideas for the 2020 summit

April 19, 2008

1. local (and other) governments doing genuine community consultation (the City of Sydney needs to learn this), including releasing completed commissioned reports (any confidential material can be withheld)

2. services run by governments being properly responsive to users’ needs. Governments are often extremely unresponsive to users’ actual needs, e.g. in providing bus services in inner-Sydney. This includes  education, health, public transport, community and public transport services.

3. removing unnecessary transaction costs and ensuring consistency in policy across jurisdictions where appropriate

4. public policy experiments to inform education policy – the focus must be on the outcomes rather than the processes 

5. having civil union registers in all states and territories that are recognised in other states and territories. Ensuring that couples in “civil unions” are treated by governments and under law/policy the same as those who are married. Also changing the definition of marriage to extend to same-sex couples.

6. local businesses “adopting” local areas (I saw this in Manhattan)

“My idea” for the 2020 summit

April 19, 2008

Well, many people’s idea – but I’d put it forward as it’s one of the most important ones:

Experiments in public policy including in education, health, research and governance.

And of course, implementing as well.