Letter to the Editor: the potential sale of the Reg Murphy Hall, Elizabeth Bay

As President of the 2011 Residents’ Association Inc., I submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Wentworth Courier, Sydney Star Observer and SX News this week.

Re: The potential sale of the Reg Murphy Activity Hall, Elizabeth Bay

Dear Editor,

What precisely is the City of  Sydney proposing to do with community facilities, including Elizabeth Bay ‘s Reg Murphy Activity Centre, in its City East Facilities Review?

The 2011 Residents’ Association Inc. (2011RA) wrote to Councillors for clarification. To date, there seems to be little detail about the City’s proposal but there are concerns that the plan is to sell the Reg Murphy Centre and shift its services to the Mary MacDonald Centre in Woolloomooloo, too far away for many Elizabeth Bay , Rushcutters Bay , Potts Pt and Kings Cross residents.

2011RA welcomes City of Sydney facilities being designed to meet community needs – the question is how these needs are determined. 

Kind regards

Sacha Blumen


2011 Residents Association Inc.

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