Using mathematics and astronomy in odd religious ideas

For some reason, I was sent the following e-mail. Some people love to connect mathematics, astronomy and religion, and here’s an example.

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3 (+/-)* Earth/Hell

                        (Earth Mass = 1)


If you’re going to Hell,

Check your reservation:

Introduction (Hell)

Page 1 (Initial Mass Displacements)

Page 2 (Universal Mass)

Page 3 (Solar System Mass Placement)

Page 4 (Galactic Mass)

Postscript (Reality)


Recommended Readings:

 ORTHODOXY by G. K. Chesterton



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Update: 13 August 2009 – I’m closing this thread.

3 Responses to Using mathematics and astronomy in odd religious ideas

  1. final3notice says:

    The Pluto/Neptune anomaly of the Titius-Bode progression is predicted in the Initial Mass Displacements.

  2. Frank Hatch says:

    Although the total Ceres mass includes an asteroid belt, the total Pluto mass is unique. Excluding Neptune, a variety of objects between 48.8 AU and 28.8 AU had a total mass of 10 Earth Masses (i.e., PLUTO INITIAL MASS).

  3. Frank Hatch says:

    Although there are a variety of star masses, the 1st solar system displacement of a Jupiter-like mass is common. In some cases, the Jupiter-like mass is large enough to form a minor star. In other cases, the star itself will separate into two or more stars before its 1st solar system displacement.
    The basic template of polarized First Space is used in all cases of initial mass displacement. However, the unit value of each star system mass is a variable – i.e., the Earth is not the unit value of every star system.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch

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