2007 redistribution of Qld state electoral boundaries

From the latest enrolment figures for Queensland state Parliament electorates (July 2007 and August 2007), it looks as if the conditions for a redistribution of Queensland state electoral boundaries have been met. In both July and August, 35 electorates had (weighted) enrolments outside the plus/minus 10% of the mean enrolment.

According to this page, it looks as if another trigger for a redistribution will soon come into effect: more than 7.5 years has elapsed since the last redistribution came into effect (on 28 July 1999) and a year will soon have elapsed after the day appointed for the return of the writs for the third general election after the last redistribution (see Sec. 38 of the Act here for details).

As only one trigger is needed, don’t be surprised to soon see the wheels of a redistribution of Qld state electoral boundaries start turning.

I havn’t examined the current enrolments and enrolment trends to see the likely impacts of the redistribution but will do so shortly.

Update: I’ve briefly looked at the enrolment figures, and on first glance it looks as if the area covered by the current Gold Coast City (incl. Beenleigh) will gain a seat as will the Sunshine Coast, and that the Pine Rivers area will gain half a seat. The area outside south-east Qld will lose at least 1.5 seats (possibly 2 seats), and metropolitan Brisbane will either keep its current number of seats or lose one. I’ll include the enrolment figures below.

In the table in this pdf document, a star beside an electorate indicates that it has an area of at least 100,000 square km and that its “enrolment” is its actual enrolment plus a number of notional voters, equal to 2% of its geographical area, as given in the bottom-most table.

 Table of enrolments 07/07 and 08/07

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