My name is Alena.

In the last few weeks I’ve received 3 unsolicited e-mails purporting to be sent by Russian women seeking my attentions. I’ve reproduced the latest one below.

Is this another scam to get bank account details from people? What sort of scam is it? A quick search doesn’t reveal anything in particular about it.

Enjoy “Alena’s” e-mail below.

My name is Alena.
I am from Russia. I am 30 years. Recently I with girlfriend have
climbed in the Internet and have seen this site. I was on different sites,
but it has liked me also I has decided to write. I hope my letter do not
remain without attention. My profile on this site is already removed,
therefore you cannot find me on the site. I saw your profile, you have
liked me and consequently I have decided to write to you. You please
excuse, that I write to you late. I long thought of you, could not sleep
easy and consequently I have written to you.
I work nurse in city hospital. I love sports, at leisure I play in
volleyball. I like to walk with girlfriends. I love animals. I had a cat,
but in one day it has left on street and has not returned. In life I
very sociable, cheerful. I have a lot of friends and familiar with which I
like to communicate and spend with them time. I like a lot of time to
spend on lake in the summer, to bathe, sunbathe and simply to have a
rest. The favourite season is spring. At this time it becomes warm, it is
possible to take off superfluous clothes. It is pleasant to look, how
leaflets are dismissed. In general I romantic. I like to dream about
fine. It is pleasant to walk in the warm evening on quay, to look at
small river, than people are occupied, to inhale fresh air. When in the
street bad weather, I can look something interesting film. Favorite agenre
– comedy as horror films like. But I prefer to listen to music. My
motto ” with music on a life “. In week-end I with girlfriends go to a
disco where we speak about problems. I wanted to get acquainted here, but
on disco only young men, and I want to get acquainted with more skilled
man in internet.
I hope my letter does not remain without attention and you can answer

If I have interested you, write me on e-mail:

Best wishes

22 Responses to My name is Alena.

  1. MrDop says:

    I received the same mail, the only thing different was the mail address and in mine there was a pic of a nice girl.


  2. enemyofthesun says:

    I received the same e-mail, the only difference is that the e-mail address is not krasavka123 but krasavka90.
    Outlook put this e-mail in the Junk e-mail folder.

    I’m sure that it is an usual scam, even if I didn’t find anything about it too.
    Maybe it is recent.
    The way of writing is typical.

  3. Pizza says:

    I received the same e-mail with address krasavka90. But if i look at the sender (which name seems to be Bart Echols ) the address is different ( I’ve receveid a photo too.
    It’s spam, of course, but i think also the address is right and you can write her o to her Manager.
    This is a way for disturbing the people

  4. diavolobianco says:

    hi, i recived the same email today (yesterady for you)..
    and i thought for a litle was a real email… eheheheh

    the same address at the end

    ciao dall’ Italia


  5. Darlene says:

    When did you like her, Sacha?

    Tee hee. And she managed to climb into the internet.


  6. Sacha says:

    *laugh* I’m not going to reveal everything on a public website, Darlene!

    “I had a cat, but in one day it has left on street and has not returned.”

    What, it’s still sitting on the road? Maybe it couldnt deal with Alena’s poor grammar.

    “The favourite season is spring. At this time it becomes warm, it is possible to take off superfluous clothes.”


    I wonder if anyone wrote back?

  7. Tony says:

    Received the same from krasavha90 with the nice picture. Mine came from someone using the name Dionne Daly [].

    Brand-egmond is a Netherlands lighting supply company.
    Good spam, but no reply to the gmail address.
    Someone will get their hopes high!

  8. Max says:

    Hi i’m from italy and my english is not very god but also I received this mail and I replay this. I received an other mail with an other pic :

  9. blu says:

    sei bellissima

  10. mari says:

    I recieved it too. very strange letter…it must be spam or virus…anyway its stupid!How she get our e-mail?from wich web site?

  11. Caz says:

    Yes, of course it’s a scam!!

    The Russian / pretty lady scam received some television or newspaper coverage not long ago – I remember seeing or reading something, with “real life” examples of Aussie guys who have been ripped off.

    Basically it starts out as a “friendly” stream of emails, always, supposedly from attractive Russian women (who don’t really exist), then the requests for money start, under various pretexts, including, for example, wanting to come to Australia to visit you, then at the last minute finding they can’t access their money and need you to pay the airfare.

    And so on and so forth.

    I’m surprised you even opened it.

    But yes: SCAM it is.

  12. Mauro says:

    Hello Friends !

    I received the same e-mail with a picture of a beautfiul blonde girl enclosed.
    She left the e-mail address:

    I tried to reply her but I received a Mail Delivery service message saying:
    “- These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail
    server:; Failed; 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address)”

    I wonder where these people find our personal e-mail addresses.

    Best regards from Italy.


  13. squaqqerone says:


    hello people
    I received the same email, I agree that is a SCAM, but for fun I answered to her… and her or he or I don’t know who … answered me with a very long email, in which told me about her.

    ….so because of my wish to joke I replay again and I get the same message of Mail Delivery service like Mauro…

    so you are thinking that the story is finish like this…. NOOOO !!!

    Today I received an email from a different email address in which our sweet Alena ask me to write her to this new address !!!!

    and because I like to joke I answered again …. I am really curious to know how is going to finish … maybe I will tell her that I am a poor guy, unemployed, with 20 children !!! AHAHAHAHA !!!!maybe I will ask her money to sustain my big family !!!!

    Now I am going to wait for the new email…

    I will let you know about !!!

    Best Regard


  14. Sacha says:


    It’s no doubt all a giant scam. Don’t even respond to the e-mails.

  15. squaqqerone says:

    I received new mail from her with a different mail address !!!
    She wrote that she want to have a family and child !!! AHAHAAAH !!!
    She wrote also her town .. in the very deep russia , close to Mongolia.
    I will ansewer again !!!! I am really curious to know how long time she or he is going to spend before asking me money !!!!

    See you

  16. squaqqerone says:

    finally I answered again to her…
    I have done her so many questions that she or he is going to spend more that one week to answer !!! AHAHAHAH !!!!

    Sasha… I know you disagree with me… but I find so funny to take joke of them meanwhile they think that they are taking joke of me !!!!

    see you at the next !!!


  17. Sacha says:

    Make sure you don’t give ANY personal details.

  18. mine salva says:

    ciao anchio ho ricevuto la mail di cui sopra , penso anchio che sia spam o qualcosa del genere ,non ho ancora risposto che faccio?, un saluto sanny

  19. squaqqerone says:


    overall, I want say to Sanny that this blog is in english… and I really didin’t understand why he wrote in Italian !!!MAHHHA!!!!

    ok…let’s go… I received new answer from Alena, really this time I don’t know what answer to her…she answered to all my questions.. and finally in the last question She started to say ma that she is poor, and that for this reason she is not able to have a computer at home.
    About what she write … actually I start to be confused.
    Last time I write, I tryed to start uncover her SCAM…but from her answer I can say that she or he is very clever, other option that I start to think is that she exist in real life and what she say describe as well as she is in real…but for sure she is working to get her goal building a SCAM, because for sure she is going to ask money.
    I think that continue to play this game…a little bit more and…



    at the next …. answer

  20. squaqqerone says:


    for all the people that is interested to discover scam… I find a website where you can find all the girl that practice SCAM from Russia.
    It is a sort of Database, I insert the link

    only I checked there isn’t our dear Alena… maybe she is new .. we can add her !!!


  21. Warren says:

    I received the same email with a picture of a blond ( Alena)from “”
    A day later I got an email from another pretty blond ( Anna)”“.
    A few days later I got an email from yet another beautiful blond( Nadegda) “
    And most recently from another pretty blond Kazan (Oela) “”
    2 years ago I got an email from bluebird which was a scam from “”

  22. Alexander says:

    Hi – I found your website by mistake. I was looking in Bing for Antivirus software that I had already purchased when I came upon your site, I have to say your site is really informative, I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time this minute to totally read your site but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back around in a day or two. Thanks again for a nice site.

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