Saving 10c by buying supermarket-branded chips

Tonight, I participated in one small commercial experiment in amongst the multitudes of commercial experiments being conducted the world over. In the chip aisle of a major supermarket (I love chilli chips) I saw, prominently displayed, two competing brands of deep-fried chips (yum).

One very well-known brand, displayed at eye-level, was available for purchase for about $2.98 a packet, and immediately adjacent to it was the “Supermarket” branded identical product priced at $2.88 a packet. Of course, their identicalness was merely an assumption as one couldn’t tell if the products were in fact identical until one had consumed both products (which I hadn’t).

Did I go for the cheaper chips? You bet. Did thethe supermarket branded product end up being substitutable for the well-known brand? No way. Will I go back to the well-known brand? Probably, if I choose to buy those kinds of chips again.

How many times have individuals participated in this or similar experiments?

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