Occupied by other interests

It’s been ages since I wrote my last post – other interests have crowded out my blogging time. It’s been interesting not blogging much – I’m enjoying other activities.

I am now at my workplace Mon-Thur each week – Friday is my day for doing scientific/mathematical or other activities – who knows what I may do? I might end up running my own business! I think that many people would like to work without being an employee. I understand its attraction to people who are employees.

Feel free to leave any business proposals in comments.

3 Responses to Occupied by other interests

  1. cam says:

    I became a consultant at the beginning of the year. The main reason was to do a series of startups. This is the current startup that I am developing to deployment: nanotoa.

    I am enjoying it.

  2. cscoxk says:

    Sachi I am a 66 year old who because of fortunate circumstances (and an understanding spouse) has been able – over the past few years – to follow up and develop and implement ideas. Instead of retiring I have used my savings to both work on ideas myself and to employ others to implement them. I have been fortunate enough to persuade others to invest as well. It is my intention – if any of these ideas ever bring in plenty of money – to assist others like yourself by investing in ideas you might decide to follow so keep watching:)

    I really appreciate your comments on my blog. Everytime anyone takes the time to ask a question and to think about the idea I learn something. Rewards is a case in point. I started with your idea of moving money from high water users to low water users but my friends told me the difficulties and from those comments and questions the approach has evolved. We will be implementing Water Rewards over the next few months with a water authority. However I now believe that Energy Rewards is more important and so we are working on getting it going. It is a much cheaper, simpler yet certain approach to reducing carbon emissions than Carbon Trading.

  3. Sacha says:

    Kevin, it’ll be really interesting to see how Water Rewards goes – keep people up-to-date with how it goes. I reckon we need as many ideas as possible to deal with global warming and local problems like water supply/demand.

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