Pop culture “Next Top” shows

Some shows on the box just demand your attention – I’m addicted to The Apprentice and always try to catch Project Runway, the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency, Tyra Banks’ American Next Top Model and at the moment I’m enjoying Australia’s Next Top Model (ANTM), a low-cost Australian version of Tyra’s original.

A great aspect of these shows are the wrap-ups that some bloggers do of them – some of the funniest are about ANTM on the Bland Canyon blog, which I’ve added to my blog roll.

In the immortal words of one ANTM contestant, “Game on, moll!”

11 Responses to Pop culture “Next Top” shows

  1. I like the model shows also. Although I did enjoy the Pussy Cat dolls

    Trent Partridge
    Photographer/Internet Marketer/Author

  2. Darlene says:

    “Game on, moll”; that’s superb and bitchy. Love it.

  3. Sacha says:

    Darlene, what was even funnier was the whole exchange (in the most recent episode):

    PALOMA: “Hey Jordan guess what? You just lost me as a friend.”

    JORDAN (to camera): “Fuck that bitch. Game on, moll.”

  4. Mr T says:

    Dear ANTMers – although this most recent highlight is tres amusant, it does reveal some reality TV intertextuality. Keen viewers will remember a forgettable BB06 housemate, the delightful PA/promo model, Anna Hind-Linden, first coining the ever-so-threatening “Game on moll(s)” in her psychological warfare with mum and daughter pair, the scragilicious Karen Forscutt and the boobilicious Krystal Forscutt (who, by the way, will be appearing in the next series of “It Takes Two” – what cruel irony).

  5. PetStarr says:

    Hey – thanks for adding me! Glad you’re liking my wrap ups.


  6. Darlene says:

    Tee hee that’s great.

    “You just lost me as a friend”?

    Come on sister, there’s no friendships in the world of reality TV modelling shows.

  7. Sacha says:

    It was so high school, wasn’t it?

  8. Darlene says:

    That’s why these shows are so much fun to watch.

    Because, errr, none of us act like that as, umm, adults except when we’re Janice Dickinson who can act anyway she wants.

  9. Sacha says:

    Darlene, you should have seen Janice D on Tyra Banks’ Next Top Model show – she was hilarious!

    JD quotes:

    “You’re dead in my books bitch!” (to a contestant at a dinner for all the contestants)

    “You look like a porn star” (to Mr Jay, the stylist and model for Jonathan Pease’s character, at one of the judging panels)

  10. Sacha says:

    A quick search gives an entire page of JD quotes:


    But her lines from Next Top Model were better – I’ve just thought of another:

    “That is the worst photo I have ever seen!”

  11. tatlock says:

    i like jordan, she has the ability to communicate !!

    alice finds her inner bitch in the next episode ?
    hard to believe……

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