The Free Hugs guy

As I’ve said many times, hugs are the best! 

Having said that, the Free Hugs guy appeared on Oprah today. I saw him in the Pitt St mall a couple of weeks/months ago – I didn’t know what it was all about but it looked as if it could have been for a short film/video clip. I was a bit annoyed by the whole “free hugs” thing – why should I go up to give him a hug just because he was offering one – and was he going to use images of strangers hugging him or strangers not hugging him despite him freely offering a hug to make some statements about people connecting or not connecting with each other in a short film/video?

I don’t know – it just annoyed me a bit!

One Response to The Free Hugs guy

  1. Steve says:

    I don’t believe it was his intention originally to do the video. He just used to stand there with his sign and hug people. He’s been there for ages, must have been around 3 years now when I first saw him, of course now that he is famous via Youtube and Oprah there is a whole lot of other people doing the same.

    That said, I do question what hugging a stranger really proves.

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