Election day – 2007 NSW election

Election day is nearly over – there’s only another five minutes or so of voting. Who knows what the result will be – although the polls indicate that Labor will win overall, you never know – anything could happen!

My guess is that Labor will win the election and Clover Moore will win the state seat of Sydney, although there could be an upset (a lot of people were taking Greens HTV). (I’ve previously posted on what I think about Clover’s performance as an MP.)

It was a very hot day – I wilted when handing out HTV in the middle of the day, and enjoyed my second stint of handing out HTV in the shade of a tree. There was a cool change about 40 minutes ago and then it started bucketing down!

In my part of the world, at a relatively large booth, there were zillions of Clover Moore, Liberal and Greens posters, and Clover supporters swooned like bees over the voters in their light green “Clover supporter” t-shirts with matching badges. Edward Mandla (the Liberal candidate) made a personal appearance in the morning, followed by an entourage (possibly including offspring) all of whom were decked out in light blue t-shirts with “Edward Mandla” written in plain yellow text. Greens party workers were going up and down the lineup of voters ensuring every voter had a HTV as were Labor booth volunteers.

There were “climate change coalition” people (where did they come from?), someone handing out colourful literature for an unfamiliar upper house independent candidate, a poster for the Unity party and people handing out leaflet for the perennial candidate Malcolm Duncan, who seems to like the world as it was about 30-40 years ago and whom came to my awareness years ago through his campaign, as spokesperson for a Kings Cross Chamber of Commerce, against the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre.

While most booth workers were friendly to each other, some weren’t as respectful as they should have been. There’s no need for anyone to be rude.

For the Legislative Council, my guess is that Labor will win 9 seats, the Coalition will win 8, the Greens 2, Fred Nile 1 and the last seat will be won by Labor, the Greens or one of the other minor parties.

Just on one of the minor parties – while of course I support a political focus on climate change policy, I’m unsure what a member of the climate change coalition would do in the upper house. Many bills before the NSW parliament don’t deal with climate change, and so I’m somewhat curious as to how such a member would deal with those bills.

I’ll probably write something about the election result tonight or tomorrow – I look forward with interest to the result!

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