Santo Santoro to resign from the Senate

According to this story on the SMH web-site, Senator Santo Santoro is going to shortly resign from the Senate:

“I will make that advice formal at the close of these current two-week sittings, giving both the Queensland Liberal Party and the Queensland parliament time to appoint my replacement before the commonwealth parliament again meets.”

He revealed he had hired an independent auditor to go over his financial records, and denied deliberately misleading parliament.

“Despite some of the more convoluted allegations to which I have recently been subject, I can proudly assert that I have at no time acted with dishonesty, deceit or deliberate intent to withhold information from the Senate,” he said.

Senator Santoro said he announced his resignation “with a heavy heart”.

He apologised unreservedly to the Senate for his transgressions, acknowledging he had let down his colleagues.

So here’s a question – why is he resigning? Was he pushed by the PM to stop a federal coalition freefall in Qld? Is the PM putting to bed any problems, including maybe problems we havn’t yet heard about from Santo? It’s pretty unusual for politicians to resign – I expected Santo to stay in the Senate and hope for a return to the ministry in due course. That’s what usually happens.

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