Attack of the spaminators!

Last night a swarm of spaminators attacked my blog and so I’ve changed the options so that a comment won’t appear until I approve it, until further notice.

2 Responses to Attack of the spaminators!

  1. Jake the Snake says:

    Mate, I can’t believe your form. I bet you were one of those kids that took the bat and ball away whenever you felt like it just because you weren’t getting your way.

    Also, I note that you like The Economist magazine. Well you haven’t learn anything from reading it because anyone could work out that only one ferry service to KI would survive going by the number of tourists in Corollas that go there.

    Whether you want to publish this is up to you but YOU WILL READ IT so I have got you.

    Jake the Snake.

  2. Sacha says:

    I’ve decided to let comments such as the one above through, as I believe essentially in a laissez faire approach to discussion. Of course, whether a comment is designed to promote thoughtful discussion of ideas is another question and I leave it for all you trusty readers to decide whether the above comment is so designed.

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