Etiquette at a music concert

This post is just a personal observation about etiquette at music concerts. Last night, Mr T and I went to the Kylie concert at the Sydney Entertainment centre and I really enjoyed it – I enjoyed the energy, lights and dance routines and sang along to a few songs.

Soon before the concert started, three young women sat in the seats in front of us, in a tiered section, say, 30 cm below and in front of us. As soon as the concert started, they all stood up, obviously not caring about whether the people behind them could see. Selfish and rude. The people behind them (including us) told them this. One sat down, but the other two didn’t care.

I think it’s good etiquette to not inconvenience others at a concert (eg the people behind you). Don’t stand up if it’s annoying for the people behind you. It’s rude and selfish.

How difficult is it to take the impacts of your potential actions on others into account in your actions? Not very difficult. Incidentally, I think that this is a key element of libertarian philosophy that I find unattractive – to me, part of living amongst other people involves taking the impacts of your potential behaviours on others into account in regards to your behaviours. Radical individualism can be very destructive. Apologies to libertarians if I have misinterpreted libertarian philosophy.

During the concert, I did think that you might be able to have a bit of fun in constructing a mathematical model of this kind of behaviour – it might be something like a correlated electron spin model – where the people at the front of the concert might or might not stand up, and the people behind them have some propensity to stand up if the ones in front do, and once people are in a certain state (standing or sitting) it takes a bit of effort from them to change. There’d be some half-life decay function type thang whereby lone standees would eventually sit down. Probably not very useful, but it’d be interesting to see if the predictions of the model reflected reality.

7 Responses to Etiquette at a music concert

  1. “Apologies to libertarians if I have misinterpreted libertarian philosophy.” Apology accepted! Both social norms and the rules of the venue should stop this kind of behaviour, and neither would contravene a general aversion to government regulation.

  2. Sacha says:

    Thanks Andrew! Yes, this falls within what are acceptable social norms – after looking again at descriptions of libertarianism, I am in principle libertarian and ideally don’t like government regulation. Without excusing my poor expression, I think that I was thinking of the impacts of destructive radical individualism and that to my mind this has been related to the policies of libertarian political parties. I stand open to persuasian of course!

  3. Oz says:

    Being the frequent concert goer, I wholeheartedly agree about concert etiquette. The worst shows are generally the more expensive, larger shows.
    However I have to say that there’s one thing more annoying that people in seats standing up. Even more annoying is when people talk during the bands set. I once had to tell a bunch of people to shut up because they kept talking 10 minutes into Sigur Ros’ set. It applies more to festivals and all-ages shows.

  4. Jason Soon says:

    must … not …. make …. cracks … about … stereotypes … about … gay … musical … tastes ….

  5. Sacha says:

    *laugh* Actually, Mr T was the one who really wanted to go along unalone (is that a word?), and after much cajoling I said I’d go!

  6. Derek Pryde says:

    Etiquette at concerts ?

    Youre on a loser there !

  7. geeze says:

    come on…its a concert not a bingo hall

    there is nothing worse than going to a concert and having people behind you telling you to sit down…if you want to sit down, stay home and watch the dvd..

    actually…kylie minogue ROFL…thats funny…i take it back…it wasnt a concert it was a mardi gras preview

    rofl rofl rofl

    oh stop it…please sit down….im trying to watch these dancers…..oh who is that singing budgie up there….

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