A vote-swap web-site for the Democrats/Greens in the US?

Something that struck me about the recent US mid-term elections was the closeness of many results – indeed, to voters in a preferential system it would seem that different results may well have emerged in the Virginia senate election if a preferential system was in force. Of course, there’s the famous case of the probable effect of Nader running in the 2000 Presidential election, taking votes from Gore.

Given the closeness of many races, I wonder if it would be electorally strategic for the Democratic Party to set up a vote-swap web-site or other system, where Green voters in a close race (say were the opinion polls give the different at 10% or less) could swap their votes with Democrat voters in races where the Democrats are thought to be romping it in (say in the NY senate race). A similar system operates in the UK for Labour and Liberal Democrats.

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