Sustainability Science

Last night Mr T and I went to hear Prof. Ian Lowe give the first Rick Farley Lecture at the Sydney Conservatorium. It was quite interesting, and good to hear the phrase “sustainability science” again, which I havn’t heard for a while.

Essentially, sustainability science seems to be about understanding the life support systems of the planet and then, hopefully, it’s up to societies to live in accordance with these life support systems. A few years ago I found this CSIRO paper  on sustainability focussing on Australia.

In the Q & A session I asked Ian about the oft-levelled charge at renewable energy sources: that electricity supply is not guaranteed. His reply drew on Australia being such a huge continent and that it was known to be possible.

3 Responses to Sustainability Science

  1. PeakEngineer says:

    Sounds like an interesting lecture.

  2. Sacha says:

    It was – it was mostly quite familiar but good to hear. I heard people afterwards talking about how inspiring it was. I think that looking at the overall Earth system and realising that we should think about the global effects of their actions is a very different mode of thought to the usual day-to-day needs that work and living place on use.

    It’s great to not get trapped by the needs of daily life.

  3. PeakEngineer says:

    It’s definitely an area of science that has been neglected. Many people study one aspect of an ecosystem or human existence, but it seems few study the overall interactions. It’s great to hear this type of idea is gaining more ground.

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