The devil wears prada

The weekend before last Mr T and I saw “The Devil Wears Prada” and enjoyed it, but I would have liked it to be a more adult film – it was too cutesey; perhaps it had been targeted towards young movie goers. Anne Hathaway’s Andrea was ok, but not completely believable. There was little understanding from Andrea’s friends of her wanting to experience new ways of living and working and the ending was not extraordinary: the moral tale of Andrea’s turn back to her original life was completely unsubtle. Real life is far less black and white.

Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly was fantastic, and quite believable even if some of her behaviour was more exaggerated than reality would give.

I’d recommend seeing the film. I enjoyed Meryl Streep’s Miranda, whose character was comprehendible. While some aspects or behaviours of Miranda were no doubt exaggerated to create plot or character developments, she was otherwise quite believable – the sadness underpinning her shiny exterior was quite human.

Miranda had huge work responsibilities being the Editor of Runway; her work needed to be perfect, and she did whatever it took to get the work done. I liked a scene in a car between Miranda and Andy at the end of the film in which Miranda said she saw a part of herself in Andy in that Andy had the will to get what she wanted. (This was the point at which Andy had a pang of conscience and threw her link to Miranda, her mobile phone, in a fountain.) Interesting.

One Response to The devil wears prada

  1. Nexus 6 says:

    My girlfriend’s been hasseling me to see it but I’m still holding out. Sounds a bit too Hollywoody for me.

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