North Korea’s testing of a nuclear device

So North Korea has a nuclear device of some sort (See here for a page on the seismic data.) Apart from the uncertainty in the behaviour of North Korea’s leaders, it’s a problem that any new country may gain nuclear weapons in the near future, especially one that thinks that it may be able to threaten its neighbourhood with either the nuclear weapons themselves, or with the possibility of selling them to other countries/non-government actors/individuals.

A cogent question is what can be done to stop North Korea obtaining a nuclear device…

I was talking with someone last night about this, and they introduced the standard questions (which seems to be more directed against the US than anything) about why North Korea is less able to be trusted with nuclear weapons than other countries. Firstly, the fact that any further countries gain nuclear weaponary is something to try to prevent, but I’d like to see someone properly compare the potential stewardship of nuclear weapons by North Korea with the (what is known of the) stewardship of these weapons by the countries that have them. 

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2 Responses to North Korea’s testing of a nuclear device

  1. Cheddar Door says:

    This issue cannot be talked about without discussing US policy.
    Before The War on Terror, there might have been opportunities in the near future for total disarmament of nuclear weapons, but now WMD’s, as they have been coined, are the only means by which a sovereign nation can hope to maintain its independence- if the US or Isreal have anything to say about it. The rush to armament is not new, but there is a distinct fervor today, namely by the countries that Bush has put on his shit-list. According to the protocols of preventive war, the US wont be assaulting countries that can defend themselves, just yet. Right now, if you have deliverable nukes, you can defend your political and economic sovereignty. I agree with you that the most humane tactic would be for all nations to make nukes dissapear, but The Rulers of The Universe have the final say on this one.
    In short- Look forward to more countries trying to make/buy and test these things.

  2. Sacha says:

    That’s interesting – it’s quite possible that a number of countries may want to get nukes now…

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