Hong Kong and the last fortnight

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog in the last fortnight – I’ve been quite busy and I havn’t rested enough since coming back from overseas (went to south-east Qld last weekend), with the result that I’ve been a bit sick for the last few days, and I’ve spent most of the afternoon in bed not exerting myself.

Now I feel that I’m getting to have had enough rest, and I should be ok by Monday (well hopefully tomorrow for a Spring lunch!).

Anyway, a fortnight ago we were staying in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, and it’s pretty amazing – it’s almost like a fantasy hotel that I’d imagine existing in a fairy tale. We decided to spend more than usual, and so stayed in a fabulous room. Travelling can be tiring. I need to allow myself enough rest after travelling – I’m apt to constantly do something and just not do nothing which can be pretty silly.

Went to the space museum across the road from the Peninsula, but was disappointed to not see a piece of moonrock as I’m sure I read in a tourist guide. Maybe I just missed it. It was a good educational astronomy museum directed of course at kids, and they even had a sticker communicating the week-old decision that Pluto was to be called a “dwarf planet” (which I think is silly as it’s so-well known as a “planet” – I reckon a better way would be to say that ok here’s what constitutes a planet, if we want to have such a label, and even if Pluto doesn’t fit in this category, we’ll still call it a planet for cultural reasons).

I recognised some of the artist’s impressions (of futuristic spacecraft) from books I read when I was a kid in the late 70s/early 80s, and perhaps the space museum could have a spruce-up.

Had three meals of dim sum – yummmmm – I love the chilli wontons.

Mostly finished reading Bill Clinton’s “My Life” (havn’t read about his childhood yet) – quite enjoyed it, although as with many political autobiographies there is sometimes a denseness in the writing , eg saying how X happened, how he went to Y and negotiated Z with President W. Enjoyed the book.

One Response to Hong Kong and the last fortnight

  1. Guy says:

    I liked My Life, but you’re right, the density made it perhaps unnecessarily trying at times.

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