A paper and units being individually water metered

I’m writing a paper on my idea about how two quantum link invariants are really “the same” that I outline here. Like to submit it for publication within the week.

A while ago I wrote about how I thought it might be positive if renters directly paid for their water use rather than through the rent paid to the landlord, and that units be individually water metered. I found the following web-page on the Sydney Water website about how a trial is beind conducted on putting individual water meters on new apartment and units:

Trial of water meters for new apartments and unitsAs part of the water conservation campaign and enabling customers to monitor and manage their own consumption, Sydney Water is trialling the adoption of sophisticated technologies and methods to measure the water being used in new apartments and units. (etc etc… see http://www.sydneywater.com.au/BuildingDevelopingandPlumbing/WaterMetersIssuingAndFitting/)

6 Responses to A paper and units being individually water metered

  1. Black Knight says:

    Black Castle is a rented house, and we pay for the water we use. The landlord pays the standing charge, but we have to deal with the metered usage.

    Thing is, the metered rate is so damn *cheap* there’s no /economic/ reason to conserve water.

  2. Sacha Blumen says:

    Can I ask where the Black Castle is?

  3. Black Knight says:

    mm, we’re in Strathfield, NSW.

  4. Sacha says:

    When I lived in Brisbane in a share house, the landlord paid the water rates. Maybe’s it depends on the state you live in.

  5. Steve says:


    On this topic, while I was in Hobart, my in-laws mentioned that they don’t pay water costs at all. Everything is included in one hefty council rate for the year so the entire suburb has no incentive to conserve water. Seems absolutely nuts to me. They don’t have the water issues that we have in NSW currently, but there is no reason they won’t in the future and no reason not to charge the people using bucket loads of water more than those who use very little.

    As for the rental houses, We have to pay water usage but rarely go over the basic water usage charge (that you don’t have to pay). I think the last time we did it was the punitive amount of $4. Any flat rate though won’t discourage water use so it doesn’t really matter.

  6. […] In response to a question from a listener, he also was in favour of units being individually metered for water which was nice, as I wrote about this, in addition to renters being directly charged for their water use rather than through their rent, on my blog a couple of months ago! […]

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