Madrid thursday evening – just gave my talk

Just gave my talk, and chatted to Nathan Geer and a few other people afterwards, which was nice! A few months ago I met Nathan over the internet when I discovered that his math work intersects mine – his interests include quantum (super)algebras and low dimensional topology and his website is His work looks impressive. One of the things he and another guy have done is define a link invariant using sl(2,1) that is basically the quantum link invariant from quantum sl(2,1) multiplied by some constant. The usual Reshetikhin link invariant coming from quantum sl(2,1) is zero as the quantum superdimensions of the relevant representations are zero. However, they found a way around this.

In my talk I could only skim over the results in my PhD thesis – if you´d like more detail about them then please download my thesis which is on the arxiv at . All details are in the thesis, and some (eg about the Birman-Wenzl-Murakami algebra) are explained in more detail in my most recent paper that can be downloaded from the arxiv at .

The conference has 6 more days to run – there have been some very impressive, understandable and interesting talks. Sir John Ball, the opening speaker in the opening ceremony, mentioned how important it was for mathematicians to be involved with dealing with the big issues of society (eg global climate change) which I agree with. We can´t think of ourselves as divorced from society. Coming to this conference was a good decision.

Highlights for me have been –
Avi Wigderson´s ( ) talk – P, NP and mathematics – a computational complexity perspective,
Etienne Ghys´( ) talk – Knots and dynamics

These guys are both very good speakers – I wholeheartedly recommend going to any of their future talks.

Troy´s enjoyed Madrid – apart from the opening ceremony and my talk he´s been enjoying the Madrid sun, boulevards, and shopping, especially Burberry!

2 Responses to Madrid thursday evening – just gave my talk

  1. javier says:

    Your talk was also most enjoyable, indeed! I’m sorry I couldn’t attend Nathan’s one, though 😦
    Glad you are happy with the city and the conference, it’s a pity you cannot come to Granada afterwards…

  2. Sacha says:

    Thanks Javier 🙂 I’ll add your page to my blogroll – – when I click on the link at the moment it’s not working but hopefully it will soon.

    Your conference poster looks nice – I didn’t understand everything in it; I’ll try to work some of these things out and I’ll e-mail you about them.

    I’d like to go to the conference on quantum groups, but unfortunately I only have another week of holidays 😦 I like Madrid too much, I might even like it more than Paris!

    Will e-mail soon…

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