Back from Cairns and the Daintree!


Yes, Mr T and I came back from 6 days in Cairns and the Daintree (near Cape Tribulation) last night, and like, no doubt, many other people, I loved the rainforest – I was astonished to hear that the rainforest is (at least?) 110 million years old – and I'm sure I read that it's the remnant of that time.

We took many photos and went snorkelling off Cape Tribulation – I've written a little bit about it here: I'd never been snorkelling and now I love it! We saw a turtle languidly swimming and apparently trying to hide (very unsuccesfully!).

I was very taken with the rainforest, and wondered if it were possible to work in understanding it, possibly using my educational background (which is mathematical and not biological) – no doubt there are many possibilities. While staying in the Daintree we didn't read any newspapers, nor listen to a radio, nor watch the tv, nor log onto the internet, so we hadn't seen any news reports. It was really lovely not knowing what was going on. Back in Cairns, in the airport, I devoured the Weekend Australian, and loved it, despite previously thinking that I would choose not to read it. International politics is so interesting, in a different way to environmental matters, and these are but two of very interesting areas it would be great to work in.

2 Responses to Back from Cairns and the Daintree!

  1. GMB says:

    It must be like some sort of wonderland up there Sacha. It must be like some sort of NeverNeverLand like the add said.

    Did the bloke who wrote Peter Pan? Was he thinking of Northern Australia when he wrote it?

    Did you see Innisfail Sacha. I’d like to know about Innisfail.

  2. Sacha says:

    No, I didn’t see Innisfail, which is a bit south of Cairns. The Daintree is 110 million year old rainforest… lovely to be in.

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