Labels in politics

Over at Lavartus Prodeo (a link to which is on the right of the screen), there have recently been, and often generally are, political discussions which to me are all about labels, eg "old left", "left", "right", and so on. Similarly, at Catallaxy (a link to which is also at the right) people sometimes discuss the meanings of labels such as "classical liberal", "left liberal" (or similar).

To me this isn't very meaningful – it seems more like turf wars than anything! I'm not much interested in how people categorise themselves or others, I'm more interested in issues, ideas and the influence of these ideas on societal trends.

One Response to Labels in politics

  1. Steve Edney says:

    At time I find these labels annoying as well. However they are useful in general for discussing groups of ideas.

    the problem I find with them is that its very easy to slot people into these groupings and then ascribe opinions ot them that they don’t actually hold.

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