blog blog blogggggg…..

Part of the reason I started up this blog was to keep my mind on real maths – if I’m going to have a chance of staying in that game then I need to keep on thinking/researching mathematics.

It’s hard to find time to do this amongst everything there is to do in life, especially as full-time work tries to fill your mind with its concerns to the extent that it can.

I’ve obtained a little result about the Hecke algebra and spinor representations of the quantum superalgebra Uq(osp(1|2)) – I think I should write it up. 

One Response to blog blog blogggggg…..

  1. Bronte the cat says:

    I have a full time job too, which is sleeping and eating – but I have often thought that people don’t need to work as much as they do in things that they don’t really like. Maybe you should look at changing your work to part time, so that you get 1 or maybe 2 more days each week to do your maths. Miaow!

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