RU486 and math papers I’ve recently looked at

Ok, I deliberately chose that title to spark controversy. If you’re not Australian, you might be unaware that the Australian Parliament is currently debating a proposed law that would transfer the Australian Health Minister’s effective control over the distribution of the drug RU486 to the Therapeutic Good Administration, which has this role for many other drugs.

The current situation seems very strange, but it can be understood in light of the influence that former Senator Brian Harradine had in 1996, when the existing laws were passed. My understanding is that Brian Harradine pushed for the amendment that brought about the current laws.

Of course, I don’t know a huge amount about this topic, but as a general approach it seems strange to me that RU486 is under the control of the Federal Health Minister, a most unusual arrangement – I don’t know what the Health Minister knows about the distribution of this drug unless the drug is so special that political leaders need control over it. Very strange. Mr. Abbott has suggested that people have discussed this Bill with reference to him being Catholic – which of course has nothing to do with anything! I can’t stand this kind of “political discourse” – absolute nonsense.

My prejudice would be to vote in favour of the Bill.

Now, it’s time for mathematics. But I’ll put that in the next post…

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